My husband and I have been using LCPettsitters for 3 years. They have kindly taken care of our two family members Daisy and Lilly. Daisy, our 13 year old bulldog, has always been in need of greater personilized care. She does not see well, hear well, and needs daily assistance. LCpetsitters has always provided Daisy this extra attention needed. They always answer my calls to check in and provide reassurance of her well being. Lilly, our 8 year old boston terrier, is easy to please and just needs some company when visited! This December we lost Daisy. Although it was tough we have been fortunate knowing that when we were away she was well cared for. We appreciate the crew at LCpettsitters and will continue to use their great services to care for Lilly when we are away. Thanks! The Murphys

Amber Murphy

This was my very first time using a pet sitter. My older Maltese was just diagnosed with diabetes, so I needed someone to give him his insulin shots twice a day. (LCPS) did a wonderful job with him as well as my other dog and cats. I was able to email (LCPS) daily to get a quick update and it gave me such peace of mind to enjoy our vacation. I will definitely use Lowcountry Pet Sitters again!

Becky Orange Wilson

Extremely happy!

I am very particular about our three dogs & have been using Lowcountry Petsitters now for a few months – I have been extremely impressed with attention to detail as well as timely responses! I have a bloodhound which can be a bit of a handful but have not had to worry/stress at all leaving them in such good hands. I also love the little report cards at the end of each visit!

Melissa Mitchell