In-your-home Pet Care: What is It?

In-home pet care is an alternative to traditional kenneling options. Instead of bringing your pet to a boarder, your pet stays in the environment they are most accustomed to: Their own home!

This option gives the pet owner the ultimate control over their pet’s care and well-being. By staying in a familiar environment, pets can stick to their regular routine while experiencing one-on-one specialized care from our staff members.

How It Works


Meet and Greet

To get started, schedule a meet and greet by calling (843) 327-7487. During this consultation, one of our staff members will come by to visit you and your pet at home. We’ll go over your pet’s routine, as well as our New Client Entrance Forms.


Schedule Services

Feel free to make any reservations for services during your initial meet and greet. In the future, you can make bookings by phone, e-mail, or through this website.



Before heading out of town, make sure that your pet will be left with plenty of food and enough supplies to last the duration of your absence.


Relax and Enjoy!

Enjoy peace of mind while you’re away knowing that your pet will be staying in their usual environment, with the company of a trusted friend. During our visits, your pet will receive plenty of love, attention, play, and cuddle time. We’ll stick to the routine that your pet knows best, and will leave behind report cards for you to review upon your return.


Share your experience!

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