Q?What is In-Home Pet Sitting?

In the most basic sense, In-Home Pet Sitting refers to having someone care for your pet(s) in your home as opposed to traditional boarding.  To Lowcountry Pet Sitters, it’s much more than that.

Q?Why choose Lowcountry Pet Sitting, as opposed to traditional boarding?

There are so many benefits.  In-home pet sitting at Lowcountry Pet Sitters is much more than simply caring for your pet(s) while you’re away.  For starters, your pet is happier by staying in his own environment with familiar sights and smells, not to mention that he’s more comfortable in his own home as opposed to a noisy, concrete-floored kennel.
Next, not only will your pet’s “basic needs,” such as feeding, watering and potty breaks, be met as they would in a traditional kennel, but your pet also will have all of the “little luxuries,” like long walks, snuggling on the couch, and lots of hugs and kisses, that he’s become accustom to with his family!
Finally, it’s easier for you, the pet owner.  You won’t have to take your pet to the kennel a day early to catch an early flight the next morning.  You won’t have to wait to pick-up your pet until the “next business day” if you arrive home on the weekend.  You won’t have to pack or move your pet at all!  Plus, you’re able to check on your pet 24-hours a day, 7 days a week via the Pet Line.  Now that’s peace of mind!

Q?What types of pets do Lowcountry Pet Sitters care for?

We care for all types of pets, from traditional dogs and cats, to horses, birds, reptiles, small mammals and fish.  No breed is too small or too large.

Q?How do I know if my pet is a good candidate for In-Home Pet Sitting?

Most pets are perfect candidates for Lowcountry Pet Sitters’ in-home pet sitting.  Whether you have a potty-training puppy, a hyperactive “teenager,” a prim and proper “diva,” or an elderly pet, Lowcountry Pet Sitters can help!

Q?What exactly is the “Play Date” program?

Play Dates are for clients who are not out of town, but just away from their home for extended periods of time throughout the day or night, either at work or on a day trip.  We go into the home, midday or mid-shift, to provide pet(s) with a potty break, leash walk or yard play, fresh water, medication if needed, etc.  This is an especially valuable service for puppies, crated and elderly pets.

Q?Is Lowcountry Pet Sitters open on major holidays?

Yes!  Lowcountry Pet Sitters is open 365 days a year.  Major holidays are some of our busiest times, so we wouldn’t miss them for anything!  Please note: Major holidays tend to book quickly- often weeks or months in advance- so please make your reservation as soon as you know your travel dates.  Also, there is a 10% holiday fee for all major holidays.  Thanks!

Q?How far in advance to I need to make reservations?

Preferably, new clients will need to make reservations at least one week in advance to allow time for a complimentary “meet and greet.”  However, we will do our best to accomodate last minute reservations.  Repeat clients can generally make reservations within two days of departure, with the exception of major holidays.  Please see previous question regarding holiday reservations.

Q?How do I pay?

We accept cash, check, or online payment. First time clients are asked to leave full payment on their kitchen counter at the first visit, or to sign up for e-mail invoices during the “Meet and Greet”.  Repeat clients are welcome to do the same, or we’ll leave an invoice with the total due and mailing address.  Balances must be paid within 10 days of final visit to avoid a 10% late fee.